Great portraiture is all about putting the client at ease, getting them to relax and be natural. Cityscape Studios have a wealth of experience of creating exactly the right environment and rapport to get the best out of everyone - from the Chairman and Executive Board to new trainees, we know exactly what to do get the picture.

Your portraits show the face of the Company…literally. Getting the right balance between creative and corporate is something Cityscape Studios have become renowned for. We work closely with you to get the right image.

Location Portraits utilising your own office environment gives customers a feel for who you are and how your company works. Undertaking the photography inside and around your office will provide a variety of backgrounds and subtle changes to the look of the images.

Studio Portraits are often used to provide a clean and fresh look to the photography. Our portable studios can be set up anywhere, offering white (high-key) to black backgrounds and any corporate colour in between. Its easy to replicate the look and match together shoots from different times, and indeed time-zones.